Best Music Production Software

A reliable music production software is essential if you are interested in a career as an electronic or other music producer. You can learn how to use a Digital Audio Workstation. This will allow you to create your own music and record your tracks. You’ll be able to thrive in the music industry thanks to the technical skills and professional knowledge you’ll acquire. Even if you are just starting out in music production, you have many options.

We want you to be inspired by MI and to make music a career. Here are some options you can use today to get started putting your talents to the test.

These are the top 5 music production software currently on the market:

Pro Tools 12

Pro Tools is the industry standard. It offers a broad range of capabilities that provide a high-quality user experience. Pro Tools has been updated several times over the years. These updates have made Pro Tools more user-friendly and improved the overall experience. You can easily edit, record, mix, and create music. There are also a variety of other features that will allow you to always learn something new.

This software is essential for anyone who wants to pursue their passion for music and discover their musical talents. This software is used in our studios frequently to prepare students for professional studio environments.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X, a Mac-friendly, easy-to-use software, is a great choice to improve your music production skills. This software is one of the most affordable.

The standard edition is available for $199.99, or you can give it a go for free for 90-days to determine if it’s worth your time.

We recommend Logic Pro X for beginners as the interface is simple and user-friendly. Students can feel overwhelmed by all the options. This software makes it easy for them to start. Logic Pro X is the best choice if you want to quickly create, edit and publish something.


Audacity is free to use and compatible with almost all operating systems. Although Audacity may not be used in the professional world, it is a great way to start with better software. It is great for getting the basics down, practicing what you know and getting a deeper understanding of the music production industry.

We recommend Audacity to get familiar with music production and learn more before you commit to a higher-end platform. It is completely free and a great place to start.

Ableton Live 11

Ableton Live 10 Suite is used frequently in our studios. We are excited to see the improvements in Live 11 make it easier for students to create music. Ableton Live 11, which was released recently, fixed some issues in the workflow. This helped to streamline productivity and made it easier for users. New features such as track comping and linked track editing were added to the software. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants a more advanced setup, despite the fact that it comes at a higher price.

Reason 12

Reason 12 features new features such as a new mimic sampling tool, a new combinator and an easily searchable library. Reason 12 has new graphics that give the platform a modern, cutting-edge look. We still love the Matrix editor and they have not removed any of our favorites features. This makes Reason 12 a top pick for us. Even though it cost $129 more, it is still a great buy for those who are passionate about music.

Our instructors at MI are here to help you if you’re serious about learning about music production.

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