Boroughs Guitars: Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

It’s like playing magic. The Boroughs Electric Guitar exploded into life with the first note. As I played my first chords, the Boroughs acoustic guitar in an auditorium shape projected brilliantly into a large room.

The acoustic is the most popular and recognizable instrument in the history of pop culture. You need a hearing if you’re a pop star, country singer, bluesman, or folk artist. The Boroughs guitar, in particular, proves its specialness with the release of Boroughs. My excitement grew as my hands swung into a bluegrass medley. This is what an acoustic is supposed to sound like.

A No-Nonsense Guitar Body

The Boroughs’ Acoustic Electric Guitar offers many options and features. Boroughs says the guitar has “everything that you need in a guitar and nothing you don’t.” Starting with the body is an X-braced spruce. Spruce is a standard top wood used for steel-string guitars. This is a robust and bright tonewood with a reasonable projection. The Boroughs uses the X-bracing technique, which is used on many of the finest acoustic guitars. The guitar has a full voice and is balanced. The compensated saddle and Graph Tech(tm), a nut made of Graph Tech(tm), are essential upgrades compared with the plastic parts found in instruments at this price point. The B30’s intonation is excellent when using the 15:1 enclosed tuners.

The C-shaped neck was comfortable as I reached for the larger chords while playing Bach’s Sarabande in B minor. The thinner profile makes this a good choice for beginners. The fretboard, made of tech wood, has been treated to resist varying humidity levels. You can be assured that your instrument is safe in all seasons.

Includes Electronics

The electronics that come with this guitar are one of its most attractive features. The Boroughs’s CnR-3 is located at the upper shoulder. On the other side, it has a battery and an output jack. The preamplifier and graphic tuner are powered by a single 9v cell. I played the sound on a portable PA with a bit of reverb. I was able to remove a little bass using the 3-band EQ. The PA was loud enough to hear, but I did not experience any feedback. This electronic system makes the Boroughs guitar versatile.

I’d happily take this guitar on any gig, knowing I could plug it into any acoustic amplifier or PA to get a great sound. I’m a musician that spends most of my time on stage, at a recording studio, or in a musical. A great instrument is an asset.

A Sound that is Balanced and Even

I spent ten minutes practicing on the Boroughs’ Acoustic Electric Guitar. It was a long arrangement of contemporary acoustic songs. The guitar’s balance displayed as I jumped over the fingerboard, mixing chords with single notes.

The ability of an acoustic to project evenly is one of its most essential characteristics. The Burroughs Acoustic Electric Guitar will voice each note, whether you are strumming anthemic singalongs or playing melodies. The string separation is superb and rivals that of instruments costing 500 times as much. As I strung through dense chords, I returned to my original instincts when using the Boroughs’ Acoustic-Electric Guitar. I could not stop playing it.

You can reconnect to what an acoustic is meant to be when you play an instrument as rewarding as Boroughs. This is an excellent-sounding guitar for everyone who wants to make music.


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