Shure GLXD+ System: What you need to know

Wireless microphones are essential for performers in any setting. A clean appearance is also crucial to many. Some performers choose easily hidden models when working on stage or on camera. Shure has a reputation as a top choice in wireless microphones and systems. The company has just launched its improved Shure wireless microphones and transmitters. The GLXD+ is a versatile wireless solution that can meet your needs. We’ll break down the GLXD+ series to see what it offers.

But first: What are a transmitter and receiver?

Wireless systems are two components that work together to transmit your voice or instrument. You will have the same source and destination as wired systems (such as a microphone, device, or mixer). The transmitter and receiver are integrated between the source (such as a microphone or an instrument) and the destination (such as a mixing board or amplifier). The transmitter converts electrical audio into a high-frequency radio signal, typically in the GHz range. The receiver will accept this signal and decode it to its original audio format. This two-piece system allows your sound to be transmitted in full fidelity without the need for wires or cables.


The Shure Dual Band Digital Wireless Transmitter is a highly compact and robust transmitter that works with any Shure T4AF wireless microphone or GLX-D+ dual-band receiver. This upgraded transmitter has a battery life of up to 12 hours and a reversible clip, allowing multiple positioning options. It also operates on dual frequency bands.

The GLXD2+ Shure GLXD2+ Capsule gives you the same tried-and-true sound as the Shure Beta 58A, but with wireless freedom you’ve never experienced. The Beta 58A provides the midrange presence for clear vocals, no matter the environment.

The Capsule is a singer’s fantasy. The Capsule features an electret-condenser element, which provides an unmistakably smooth upper-frequency spectrum for unmatched clarity. The Capsule’s super-cardioid pattern offers superior feedback rejection for loud, clear vocals.

Shure GLXD2+ Dual Band Wireless Handheld Receiver with SM58 capsule, Z3:2.4/5.8GHz

Shure Capsule is the perfect companion for those looking to enter the world of wireless microphones at a lower cost. The SM58 is the most popular vocal microphone in the world. It has a crisp, clear sound and excellent shock-handling abilities.


The Shure Dual Band Digital Wireless Receivers are a tremendous entry-level receiver or an upgrade for your current system. The GLXD4+ operates at 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. This doubles the standard operating distance, ensuring interference-free performances, regardless of stage or setting.

The Shure GLXD4R+ dual-band digital wireless rackmount receiver is an industry-standard version of Shure’s venerable GLXD4 Series designed for professional rackmounts. Compatible with Lavalier microphones, headsets, and handhelds. The system automatically avoids audio interference for crystal-clear operation. The GLX D+ Frequency manager and directional antennas can be used for larger PA systems or tours.


Shure GLXD+ is perfect for any size venue or several performers. The freedom of these wireless systems will appeal to singers, guitarists/bassists. Wireless microphones are sleek and stylish, adding to the appeal of the stage. They also allow the performers to focus on their songs without worrying about cables. Dual-band operation protects against background interference problems when playing at different venues every night.

Karaoke Bars

Karaoke Bars will enjoy the ease of setup with a wireless microphone system. This new battery life will ensure loud and clear signals all evening long. The venue can save money and time by avoiding cable damage and trip hazards.

Live Performances

Shure GLXD+ wireless system is an excellent choice for live music or performance venues. Easy operation and intuitive controls will ensure that productions of plays, panels, exhibitions, and readings are painless. Wireless transmitters and receivers can be paired with various microphones and instruments to provide quality sound. Many large PA systems with multiple wireless systems can benefit from reliable RF performance.

How to choose a Shure Glxd+ system

It cannot be easy to navigate the intricacies of a wireless system. Once you know what you need, choosing the right system becomes easy.


You’ll need to consider the types and sources of performers you will work with to choose the best microphone. For events with frequent changes and multiple users, lavalier and headset models are not recommended. The same goes for singers who depend on their microphone technique. In these cases, a handheld version will be best.

A Lavalier microphone or headset is a good choice for situations where the visibility of the microphone is an issue or if the performer does not want to hold the microphone. Lavalier microphones are ideal for on-camera and interview setups because they can be easily concealed within clothing. The headset microphones are suitable for actors and singers who perform in musicals or plays that require a hands-free design. They also have excellent feedback rejection. The headset microphones are a great option for the behind-the-scenes staff, allowing them to be hands-free while maintaining constant communication. Guitarists and bassists can also use a wireless transmitter to communicate with fans, even on the biggest stages.


Budgets are always a factor in these decisions. The SM58 is a good option for consumers looking to save money. They can also upgrade to Beta 58A handhelds. Those who want high-quality sound should consider the Beta 87A. The price-to-performance ratios of headset microphones, lavaliers, and instrument systems vary. It is now possible to produce quality wireless audio, regardless of budget.

Your needs will determine the receiver you choose. The Shure GLXD4+ dual-band digital wireless receiver is a good choice for more minor acts that value portability and convenience. Shure’s GLXD4R+ dual-band digital wireless rackmount receiver is perfect for professional shows. It fits in the road case with all the other gear.

The conclusion of the article is:

The Shure GLXD wireless systems bring professional sound to any show or venue. Shure GLXD Wireless Systems offer top performance for any setup. They are available in a variety of budget levels. Multiple transmitters and receivers are available to create a robust and adaptable wireless system. You can say goodbye to cables and hello to freedom and fidelity at any venue, any time.

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