The Best Guitar Accessories for Beginners

It can be challenging to transport recording equipment, too complicated for beginners, or take a long time to assemble. You want to be prepared to record guitars whenever you can. The answer is a portable digital multitrack recorder that’s all-in-one for beginner songwriters. Just plug it in and start recording! Do you need help in preparing for your upcoming guitar recordings? These products will help you keep your skills sharp with technical exercises.

This is a great sketch pad to use for impromptu songs! This portable TASCAM 6-Track Multitrack Digital Recorder allows you to mix and record anywhere. The DP006 has two built-in omnidirectional condenser mics. It also has six recording tracks with bounce options (two mono and two stereos). The WAV resolution is up to 16-bit/44.1kHz and has two 1/4” mic/line-ins for guitars and keyboards. A high-quality microphone is built-in, so you don’t need an external microphone.

The Tascam DP006’s easy-to-navigate user interface gives you more time for creativity when inspiration strikes. The ultra-lightweight DP006 is the size of a guitar pedal and weighs less than 13 oz. The design allows for easy portability within your guitar case or equipment bag. The DP006 features a chromatic metronome, integrated tuner, 1/8″ stereo headphone output, and tripod attachment.

The DP006 is a great tool for guitarists or songwriters who want to layer parts. Three simple steps are required:

Record audio.

Mix the tracks according to your preferences.

Send your completed piece to a computer with a mini-USB 2.0 output.

Tascam DP 008EX Digital Multitrack 8-Track Recorder

What about more significant song ideas? Upgrade to the Tascam Digital Recorder. This eight-track, high-quality mobile production unit is designed for musicians and guitarists. The DP-008Ex is the size of a small paperback and can be taken anywhere to record a professional-sounding song. The DP-008Ex features eight mono tracks, including two for simultaneous recording, TS 1/4″ or XLR inputs for mic/line, two condenser microphones built in, and a WAV file with a resolution of up to 16 bits/44.1kHz.

The DP-008 is a unique design that includes effects on each input channel. After tracking your vocals, guitars, keyboards, or other instruments, use the editing features onboard, such as Copy Track, Move Track, or Clone Track. You can adjust each track’s shelving EQ or de-esser and add multi-band compression. Six different reverb types are also included to help you find the perfect “room” for your song. Mastering effects on the DP-008EX will give your music a powerful and dynamic sound.

In just a few simple steps, the DP-008Ex can record, edit and arrange your piece, then send it to a computer via a mini USB 2.0 port for high-speed file transfer. The DP008Ex is a high-tech music production unit used by guitarists and songwriters at all skill levels.

Tascam GB-10 USB Guitar/Bass Train/Recorder

You’ll be able to improve your skills quickly with the Tascam USB Guitar/Bass Train/Recorder. Tascam’s trainer makes practicing fun. You can start by inserting your MP3s (from your SD card) into the media slot of the unit. You can play back your music by plugging your guitar or bass into the 1/4″ input. The GB-10 is equipped with a Variable Speed Audition function (VSA), which allows the user to freely change the playback pace without changing the pitch. Reducing the speed of melodies and riffs makes it easier to master complex sequences.

The GB-10 interface has quick navigation and is loaded with guitar accessories. The unit is also capable of recording any guitar or bass connected. The best way to improve your guitar or bass technique is to hear your performance repeatedly and the original track. Try Loop Playback, Overdubbing, and effects like amplifying modeling, delay, chorus, and reverb. The lightweight, portable recorder/trainer can be taken anywhere. Plus, the angled desktop design allows for comfortable practice for hours.

Using tools that will make recording and practicing guitar easier is a no-brainer. These affordable, small, and powerful devices make great gifts for musicians or guitarists you know, including yourself.


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